Aldi UK says no current need for product rationing

LONDON, Sept 28 (Reuters) - British supermarket Aldi has seen increased demand for key items since the government imposed more curbs to stem the spread of COVID-19 but does not currently see the need for limits on shopper purchases, its boss said on Monday.

“We have seen an uptick in certain areas and that did continue over the areas like toilet paper, pasta, rice and tinned food,” Chief Executive Giles Hurley told reporters.

“At the moment there’s no need to introduce those (new) restrictions, our availability is good. As long as customers continue to shop as they normally do, which is buy what they need when they need it, then availability will continue to be excellent,” he said.

Last week rivals Morrisons and market leader Tesco both imposed restrictions. (Reporting by James Davey, Editing by Paul Sandle)