FACTBOX-U.S. FDA green-lights Biogen Alzheimer's drug: Who else is in the race?

    June 7 (Reuters) - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Monday approved Biogen's Alzheimer's disease drug Aduhelm (aducanumab), marking the first treatment
to address an underlying cause of the mind-wasting disease.
    The following is a list of some companies with Alzheimer's drug candidates in advanced stages of clinical development: 
     Experimental drugs that target amyloid:
 Company                     Drug name              Development stage            How the drug acts                    Notes
 Eli Lilly and Co            donanemab              In a late-stage trial and a  Drug is an antibody designed to      Drug showed benefit on cognition, function
                                                    second study - in patients   remove clumps of the protein beta    in mid-stage trial in March             
                                                    with early disease symptoms  amyloid from the brain believed to   
                                                                                 be a possible cause of Alzheimer's   
 Eli Lilly                   solanezumab            Phase III trial in           Anti-amyloid monoclonal antibody     Drug in combination with Roche’s        
                                                    asymptomatic Alzheimer's     that targets amyloid plaque build    gantenerumab failed to halt Alzheimer’s
                                                    patient                      up in brain                          progression in a trial in 2020(
 Biogen Inc                  BAN2401                Phase III                    An anti-beta amyloid antibody        (
 Roche Holding AG        ,   crenezumab             In a mid-stage trial in      Anti-beta amyloid monoclonal         Roche in 2019 pulled the plug on two
        AC Immune SA                                healthy individuals with a   antibody                             late-stage trials of crenezumab in people
                                                    history of familial                                               with early sporadic Alzheimer’s disease
                                                    Alzheimer’s disease                                               after a pre-planned interim analysis here
 Roche                       gantenerumab           Phase III                    Anti-beta amyloid monoclonal
 AC Immune SA                ACI-24 Alzheimer's     Mid-stage trial in mild      Liposomal vaccine candidate          Reported positive interim 18-month data
                             disease vaccine        Alzheimer's disease          designed to convey active,           from trial this month             
                             candidate                                           long-lasting immunization against    
                                                                                 pathological forms of amyloid-beta   
   Experimental drugs that target tau:
 Company                          Drug name              Development stage         How the drug acts              Notes
 Biogen                           BIIB092 (gosuranemab)  Phase II                  Anti-tau monoclonal antibody   (
 AbbVie Inc                       ABBV-8E12              Phase II                  Anti-tau monoclonal  antibody  (
 Roche and AC Immune SA           semorinemab (RG6100)   Phase II trial in         Anti-tau monoclonal antibody   Drug failed to slow cognitive and functional
                                                         patients with moderate                                   decline in patients with an early stage of
                                                         Alzheimer's disease                                      Alzheimer's in another Phase II trial Experimental drugs based on novel mechanisms:
 Company                              Drug name               Development stage   How the drug acts                    Notes
 Axsome Therapeutics Inc              AXS-05                  In a Phase III      N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA)          Met the main goal in a mid-to late-stage
                                                              trial for           receptor antagonist                  study and improved agitation, a symptom that
                                                              treatment of                                             occurs in 70% of Alzheimer's patients (
                                                              Alzheimer’s disease  agitation                                       
 NeurMedix, Llc - a San Diego based   NE3107                  Late-stage trial    Oral anti-inflammatory agent to      (
 private company                                              in patients with    combat insulin resistance that       
                                                              mild-to-moderate    develops from inflammatory           
                                                              Alzheimer’s         inactivation of the insulin          
                                                              disease             signaling pathway in the brain of    
                                                                                  Alzheimer's patients                 
 Anavex Life Sciences Corp            ANAVEX2-73              mid- to late-stage  Oral drug that selectively           (
                                                              trial in patients   activates the stress reducing        
                                                              with early          and survival protein, Sigma-1 and    
                                                              Alzheimer's         muscarinic receptors                 
                                                              disease             believed to be responsible for       
                                                                                  cognitive impairment                 

 (Reporting by Mrinalika Roy, Manojna Maddipatla and Amruta Khandekar in Bengaluru; Editing by Caroline Humer and Bill Berkrot)