FACTBOX-Five projects vie to import LNG to Australia, after state rejects AGL project

    MELBOURNE, March 30 (Reuters) - The state of Victoria on Tuesday rejected a plan by AGL
Energy to import liquefied natural gas (LNG), effectively killing one of six proposed
LNG import projects in Australia.    
    Dutch oil storage copmany Vopak recently joined the queue, with a plan to dock a floating
storage and regasification unit (FSRU) near Melbourne.
    Below is a list of the remaining proposed LNG import terminals in Australia, with capacity
in petajoules (PJ). Exxon Mobil Corp considered building one, but decided in December
2019 it would not go ahead as "there was insufficient interest from potential customers".

 LNG import  Port Kembla,    Outer Harbor,  Newcastle,    Geelong,    Avalon,
 project     New South       South          New South     Victoria    Victoria
 location    Wales           Australia      Wales                     
 Owner       Australian      Venice Energy  South         Viva        Vopak
             Industrial      set up by      Korea-based,  Energy               
             Energy (AIE),   private firm   private firm              
             owned by        Integrated     EPIK,                     
             Andrew          Global         working with              
             Forrest's       Partners, in   Hyundai LNG               
             Squadron        talks with     Shipping                  
             Energy          Mitsubishi                               
 Annual      100 PJ          80 PJ          Could handle  80-140 PJ   up to 50
 capacity                                   more than                 LNG
                                            300 PJ                    cargoes a
 Model       AIE lining up   Toll for LNG   Toll for LNG  To be       Open
             contracts to    traders to     traders to    decided     access to
             sell gas to     use facility   use facility              LNG
             industrial                                               suppliers
             customers                                                and gas
 Final       No date         No date        H1 2020       No date     No date
 Target      Late 2022       H1 2022        2021          2024        2024
 Status      State approved  Expect to      Aim to        Seeking     Aims to
                             submit         secure        expression  submit
                             development    regulatory    s of        proposal
                             application    approval by   interest    to state
                             in Aug 2020    Q2 2020                   in Q3 2021
 Estimated   A$200 mln to    A$850 mln,     US$430 mln,   Under       Not
 cost        A$250 mln,      includes       including     study       disclosed
             excluding FSRU  building a     cost of                   
             charter cost    500 megawatt   building an               
                             gas-fired      FSRU                      
                             power plant                              
 Sources: Projects, Department of Industry, ACCC
 * Financial year July 2021-June 2022

 (Reporting by Sonali Paul)