Judge rules both sides to pay own costs in Stavely court battle

LONDON, March 11 (Reuters) - A judge ruled British businesswoman Amanda Staveley’s PCP Capital Group and Barclays will have to pay their own legal costs, after Stavely lost her case against Barclays over how it negotiated a financial lifeline during the credit crisis in 2008.

Judge David Waksman said on Thursday he made ‘no order as to costs’, meaning both sides will pay their own when Barclays had suggested it would seek to have PCP pay for both sides following PCP’s defeat in the trial.

Waksman in February had found Barclays guilty of “serious deceit” over the deal which offered Barclays a lifeline during the crisis, but denied Stavely damages and dismissed her claim.

Stavely incurred costs of nearly 20 million pounds in fighting the case, court documents showed. (Reporting By Lawrence White)