FACTBOX-Bayer outlines new plan to address future legal risk from Roundup

BERLIN, May 27 (Reuters) - Bayer said it will review the future of its Roundup and other glyphosate-based weedkillers in the U.S. residential market after a judge rejected a $2 billion plan to settle future claims alleging the herbicide causes cancer.

The company also said it will reassess its efforts to settle around 30,000 ongoing claims by Roundup users who are alleging they have become sick from the product.

The following is a summary of the five-point plan outlined by Bayer to address future Roundup claims:

1. The company will seek approval from the U.S. Environment Protection Agency to include a link on Roundup labels to inform consumers of studies about the product. These studies will be available on a new website created by Bayer which it said will not make any claims or draw any conclusions about the safety of Roundup.

2. Bayer will “immediately engage with partners to discuss the future of glyphosate-based products in the U.S. residential market,” which has been the source of most claims that Roundup caused cancer. It will continue to supply glyphosate-based products for professional and agricultural users.

3. It will explore alternatives to address future Roundup claims brought by individuals. It also will explore creating an independent scientific advisory panel comprising of external experts to review scientific information on the safety of Roundup. The findings would be made publicly available.

4. The company will re-assess ongoing efforts to settle existing claims. While it will continue to be open to settlement discussions, Bayer said “it will regularly reassess whether this approach continues to serve the company’s best interests.”

5. Bayer will continue to pursue appeals of jury verdicts from certain previous cases.

Reporting by Caroline Copley Editing by Keith Weir