BUZZ-U.S. stocks weekly: Standoff

    ** S&P 500 drops 0.8% on the week as China's
aggressive stance in trade war with U.S. weighs

    ** At first support came under fire, but then
oversold levels led to a bounce
    ** That bounce extended, but it may have been
built on sand, and may soon be washed away

    ** This as traders say tweets are the trump card

    ** Majority of sectors drop: Financials and industrials hit
hardest, while defensive groups cushion the blow. Indeed,
defensive shares' relative shine may grow brighter
    ** Financials slump 2.1%. Big banks slide as yield
curve inverts amid trade tensions, putting sector
in a vulnerable spot
    ** Industrials sag 1.9%. Deere loses 14%,
blames escalating trade war for worsening outlook
    ** Consumer Discretionary down 1.1%. Retailers
pressured as U.S. retail sales weaken, consumer spending slows
. SPDR S&P Retail ETF falls >3%
    ** Tech declines 1.1%. Chipmakers caught in
crossfire as Trump administration blacklists Chinese telecom
equipment maker Huawei Technologies.
Chip index sinks >5%
    On flip side, Cisco shares surge on upbeat
underlying growth as China retaliatory tariff impact seen
    ** Consumer Staples gain 0.9%. Walmart
rises Thurs on solid same-store sales, and steps up
its online battle with by offering one-day
delivery in some markets without shipping fee
    ** Meanwhile, one analyst says trade tensions to overshadow
earnings, while another suggests it may not be a
calm, quiet summer
    ** SPX sector performance YTD through Thurs: