EU court scraps Amazon's $303 mln EU tax order

BRUSSELS, May 12 (Reuters) - Europe’s second-top court on Thursday annulled an EU order to Amazon to pay about 250 million euros ($303.28 million) in back taxes to Luxembourg, part of an EU crackdown against unfair tax deals between multinationals and EU countries.

The Luxembourg-based General Court said Amazon had not enjoyed a selective advantage in its tax deal with Luxembourg.

“The Commission did not prove to the requisite legal standard that there was an undue reduction of the tax burden of a European subsidiary of the Amazon group,” judge said.

The European Commission in its 2017 ruling said the Grand Duchy spared the U.S. online retailer from paying taxes on almost three-quarters of its profits from EU operations by allowing it to channel profits to a holding company tax-free.

The cases are T-816/17 Luxembourg v Commission & T-318/18 Amazon EU v Commission.

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