FACTBOX-AstraZeneca's deals to produce and supply its COVID-19 vaccine

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 (Adds details on Italy)
    March 25 (Reuters) - AstraZeneca and Oxford University's COVID-19 vaccine
has been at the centre of a growing supply row between Brussels and London after a
string of delivery setbacks in Europe.
    The company said on Wednesday that some 29 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine
found in a plant in Italy were destined for the EU and for donations to poorer
countries via the COVAX scheme co-led by the World Health Organization.
    Even before studies showed the vaccine's efficacy, AstraZeneca signed deals
around the world. 
    The Anglo-Swedish drugmaker has manufacturing deals with at least 20 firms
worldwide for distribution to the more than 70 countries where it has been approved.
    Below are deals it has signed:
    (Most recent first)
 REGION/GROUP  DOSES               FUNDING          EXPECTED            FURTHER
 African       Secured another     Afreximbank to   270 million doses               
 Union         400 million doses   provide advance  would be made       
               from AstraZeneca,   procurement      available this      
               in addition to 270  commitment       year, with at       
               million shared      guarantees of    least 50 million    
               with Pfizer, Serum  up to $2         available for       
               and Johnson &       billion to the   April to June       
               Johnson             manufacturers                        
 Bahrain       Undisclosed         Undisclosed      Received first                  
                                                    delivery from       
 Japan         Will procure 120    Undisclosed      Undisclosed but                 
               million doses from                   plans to begin      
               domestic makers                      inoculation push    
                                                    in late Feb         
 Chile         Had a pre-deal to   Undisclosed      Undisclosed                     
               purchase 14.4                                                        
               million doses but                                        
               last week said it                                        
               had eventually                                           
               signed to buy 4                                          
 Saudi Arabia  Serum will supply   Undisclosed      In about a week                 
               with 3 million                                           
 Ecuador       Authorized imports  Allocated some   Did not say when                
               of approximately    $200 million to  doses will arrive;  
               five million doses  buy vaccines     mass vaccination    
                                                    will start in       
 Germany       Expects             Undisclosed      In February                     
               AstraZeneca to                                           
               deliver 3 million                                        
 Mali          Wants to buy more   Over 31 billion  At the end of                   
               than 8.4 million    CFA francs with  March               
               doses               financial                            
                                   assistance from                      
 Morocco       2 million           Undisclosed      Received  in Jan                
 Bolivia       5 million from      Undisclosed      First million                   
               Serum                                doses would arrive  
                                                    in April            
 India         11 million from     Federal govt to  Indian airlines                 
               Serum Institute     bear cost of     have started        
                                   vaccinating      delivering batches  
                                   first 30         across the country  
                                   million people                       
 Kenya         24 million          Undisclosed      Expects them to                 
                                                    start arriving in   
                                                    the second week of  
 Peru          14 million          Undisclosed      Supply not due to               
                                                    begin arriving      
                                                    nation until        
 Vietnam       30 million          Undisclosed      Unknown                         
 Indonesia     50 million          Undisclosed      First batch                     
                                                    expected to be      
                                                    available by first              
                                                    half of 2021        
 Malaysia      6.4 million         Undisclosed      Unknown                         
 Colombia      10 million          Undisclosed      Unknown                         
 Philippines   17 million,         Undisclosed      Shipment expected               
               including a                          in May              
               private sector                                           
               agreement for 2.6                                        
 Thailand      Addition under      Previously       First batch                     
               further agreement   approved budget  expected to be      
               unknown,            of 6 billion     available in        {nL4N2IC2R6]
               previously 26       baht ($199       mid-2021            
               million doses       million)                             
 Bangladesh    30 million from     Undisclosed      First batch                     [
               Serum Institute of                   arrived late in     nL1N2HR0V9]
               India                                Jan                 
 Argentina     22 million          Undisclosed      Depends on trials               
                                                    being successful    
                                                    and obtaining       
 Spain         31.6 million as     Undisclosed      Between Dec. 2020               
               part of a European                   and June 2021       
               Union scheme                                             
 Switzerland   5.3 million         Undisclosed      Unknown                         
 Canada        Up to 20 million    Undisclosed      Unknown                         
 Australia     "Enough" for        Undisclosed      Unknown                         
               population of 25                                         
               million, free of                                                     
 European      300 million, with   750 million      By end-2020                     
 Union         option of           euros for 300                                    
               additional 100      million doses                        
 Latin         Initially produce   Estimated at     First half 2021                 
 America,      150 million doses,  $600 million                         
 excluding     and eventually      for the first                        
 Brazil        make at least 400   150 million                          
               million             doses                                
 Japan         120 million doses   Undisclosed      30 million doses                
                                                    by March 2021       
 China         Aims for annual     Undisclosed      By end-2020                     
               capacity of at                                           
               least 100 million                                        
               doses this year,                                         
               and  at least 200                                        
               million doses by                                         
               the end of next                                          
 South Korea   20 million          Undisclosed      First shipment                  [
                                                    expected in         nL1N2IO01E]
 Russia        Unknown             Undisclosed      Unknown                         
 Israel        Unknown             Undisclosed      Unknown                         
 Brazil        Initially receive   $356 million     Unknown                         
               100 million doses                                        
 Serum         One billion         Undisclosed      400 million before              
 Institute of                                       end-2020 were       
 India                                              expected            
 Epidemic      300 million         $750 million,    Some before end-                
 response                          with $383 from   2020                
 group CEPI                        CEPI                                 
 and Vaccine                                                            
 United        300 million         $1.2 billion     Was earlier                     
 States                                             expected by Oct.    
 United        100 million         84 million       4 million in 2020.              
 Kingdom                           pounds           Earlier about 30    
                                                    million doses were              
                                                    expected with       
                                                    initial deliveries              
                                                    by Sept/Oct. 2020.  
                                                    Initial supply to   
                                                    come from Europe.   

    (Most recent first)    

 FIRM           BASED IN        DEAL VALUE    FOR                      FURTHER
 IDT Biologika  Germany         Undisclosed   Contract manufacturing               
                                              expected to speed up     
                                              output of finished       
                                              COVID-19 vaccine in the  
                                              second quarter           
 CSL Ltd        Australia       Undisclosed   Additional 20 million                
                                              requested by Australian  
                                              approximately 30         
                                              million doses already    
                                              being manufactured       
 Halix B.V.     Netherlands     Undisclosed   Commercial  manufacture              
                                              of the vaccine           
 Siam           Thailand        Undisclosed   Manufacture and supply               
 Bioscience,                                  the vaccine in Thailand  
 SCG                                          and other nations in     
                                              Southeast Asia           
 Albany         U.S.            Undisclosed   Produce millions of                  
 Molecular                                    doses through sterile    
 Research                                     finishing services at    
                                              its manufacturing plant  
                                              in Albuquerque, New      
 Oxford         UK              15 million    Unknown doses for                    
 Biomedica                      pounds to     large-scale commercial   
                                reserve       manufacture under        
                                manufacturin  expanded deal            
                                g capacity,                            
                                further 35                             
                                pounds plus                            
                                payable in                             
 Catalent       U.S.            Undisclosed   Making the drug                      
                                              substance used in the    
                                              vaccine at its Maryland  
                                              facility. AZ's second    
                                              deal with firm           
 Foundation of  Mexico          Undisclosed   Latin American supply                
 Mexican                                      with Argentina,          
 billionaire                                  excluding Brazil, could  
 Carlos Slim                                  reach 250 million        
 mAbxience of   Argentina       Undisclosed   Initially producing 150              
 the INSUD                                    million doses for Latin  
 Group                                        America, excluding       
 Kangtai Bio    China           Undisclosed   Annual production                    
                                              capacity of at least     
                                              100 million doses this   
                                              year, and  at least 200  
                                              million doses by         
 Emergent       U.S.            $174 million  Undisclosed doses in                 
 BioSolutions                                 second deal with AZ      
 SK Bioscience  South Korea     Undisclosed   Undiluted solutions of               
                                              the vaccine until early  
 R-Pharm        Russia          Undisclosed   Unknown doses                        
 Daiichi        Japan           Undisclosed   Unknown doses                        
 Sankyo Fundação       Brazil          $127 million  About 30 million doses               
 Osvaldo Cruz                                                          
 Symbiosis      Scotland        Undisclosed   Clinical trial supply                
 Cobra          U.S.            Undisclosed   One million doses per                
 Biosciences                                  month                    
 Catalent       U.S.            Undisclosed   Vial filling and                     
                                              packaging capacity at    
                                              its manufacturing        
                                              facility in Anagni,      
 Emergent       U.S.            $87 million   300 million doses                    
 BioSolutions Serum          India           Undisclosed   One billion doses for                
 Institute of                                 low and middle-income    
 India                                        countries.  400 million  
                                              before end-2020 were     
                                              expected previously      
 Oxford         UK              Undisclosed   Manufacturing unknown                
 Biomedica                                    number of doses          
 (Reporting by Pushkala Aripaka and Tanishaa Nadkar in Bengaluru; editing by Jason