AstraZeneca exec says Sputnik V efficacy data welcome, need data on dose mixing

LONDON, Feb 3 (Reuters) - Data that shows 92% efficacy of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine is welcome, and more studies should be done to show if giving doses of different vaccines can be effective, AstraZeneca’s research chief said on Wednesday.

Clinical trials that combine doses of AstraZeneca’s shot and Sputnik V are underway, using a technique known as heterologous boosting.

“I think any data or any vaccine that shows high levels of efficacy I think is encouraging because we need all of these vaccines to work,” Mene Pangalos told reporters when asked about the Sputnik V results.

“In terms of the heterologous boosting experiment that we’re doing in the clinic, using our vaccine and the Sputnik vaccine, it’s something that we need to be doing more of, because ultimately we want to understand how interchangeable these vaccines are,” he said, adding he hoped for data on immune responses from the trials in the coming months. (Reporting by Alistair Smout)