FACTBOX-Markets revise trading rules, hours, circuit breakers due to COVID-19

July 28 (Reuters) - Many global exchanges changed trading rules this year in light of the coronavirus pandemic, from shortening trading hours to altering short-selling rules, to protect their markets from intense volatility and speculative trading.

Some markets have since returned to pre-pandemic rules.

Here are some updates of the measures taken by regulators and exchanges across the world:



** The country’s central bank extended reduced trading hours this month in currency and bond markets until further notice

** Earlier this year, the stock exchange tightened circuit breaker rules, where a more than 5% drop on its main stock index will see trading halted by 30 minutes, compared with the 10% previously

** There is also a ban on short-selling


** The stock market continues to operate for around four hours a day, which the exchange says file:///C:/Users/u6064234/Downloads/CN_2020-0051.pdf will continue until further notice


** The Reserve Bank of India in April cut trading hours for bonds and foreign exchange to four hours

** The market regulator also halved position limits for certain stock futures, restricted short-selling of index derivatives and raised margin rates for some shares


** Circuit breaker rules were revised that would see a 8% drop trigger a 30-minute halt in trade; a 15% fall to initiate a 30-minute halt, and a 20% plunge will see trade halted for an hour


** In March, the financial regulator banned short-selling for six months


** From July 13, Pakistan's stock exchange returned here to standard operating hours


** Short-selling bans ended in six European Union states in May. They include Austria, Belgium, France, Greece, Spain and Italy


** A short-selling ban on the top 30 shares on Istanbul’s stock exchange was lifted at the end of June. However, the ban remains in place for other stocks



** Shares in the United Arab Emirates stock exchanges will be allowed to drop a daily maximum of 5% from their previous day closing price, state news agency WAM reported. (Reporting by Nikhil Kurian Nainan in Bengaluru Editing by Vidya Ranganathan, Arun Koyyur, Aditya Soni and Vinay Dwivedi)