Germany sticks to summer vaccination target - document

BERLIN, March 19 (Reuters) - Vaccines will remain scarce in Germany in April, the government said, but Berlin still aims to be able to offer every citizen a COVID-19 shot in the summer, according to a government document.

The draft, prepared for a summit of federal and regional ministers to be held on Friday evening, also said BioNTech and Pfizer would shortly be distributing further doses of their vaccine across Europe, 580,000 doses of which would come to Germany.

Additional doses would be distributed to regions on the Czech and French borders in order to try and prevent the higher incidence numbers in those countries spreading into Germany.

“The Federal Government and states are sticking to the goal of offering all citizens a vaccination in summer,” the document said. “Vaccine volumes available in Germany will rise continuously in coming weeks.” (Reporting by Thomas Escritt Editing by Caroline Copley)