FACTBOX-Where we are in the global COVID-19 vaccine race

 (Updates throughout with deals, approvals and supply details)
    May 21 (Reuters) - At least 181 countries have started vaccinating against COVID-19. The following table shows the status of available vaccines and
details of emergency use authorizations, efficacy rates, and supply and production pledges. 
 COMPANY         State of play                   Efficacy rate              Production Pledges                  Doses Committed
 Pfizer Inc      Vaccine being administered in   Two doses of the shot cut  Pfizer expects to produce 3 bln     European Commission on May 20 signs third
         and     countries including Bahrain,    symptomatic COVID-19       vaccine doses in 2021, 4 bln in     contract for an additional 1.8 bln doses of
 BioNTech SE     Canada, Chile, Israel, Japan,   cases by 94%               2022                                vaccine. The deal reserves doses on behalf of
 22UAy.F,        South Africa, South Korea, the                                                                 all EU member states between end 2021 to 2023.
                 United Kingdom and the United   Real-world data from       European Medicines Agency approves  The two companies have already committed to
                 States                          Israel suggests vaccine    increase in batch size and          supplying 600 mln shots to EU
                                                 is 94% effective in        associated process scale-up at      
                 U.S. FDA authorizes vaccine     preventing asymptomatic    Belgium vaccine manufacturing site  U.S. - 200 mln+ option for 400 mln more; 300
                 for adolescents aged 12-15,     infections, meaning it                                         mln doses to be delivered by July end
                 with immunization beginning in  could reduce transmission                                      
                 mid-May                                                                                        UK - 100 mln doses Japan - 144 mln doses South Korea - 66 mln doses Turkey- 60 million additional doses, bringing total number of doses to 120 mln
 Moderna Inc     Vaccine being administered in   Late-stage study showed    To supply 34 mln doses of its       132 million doses have been delivered globally
                 countries including Canada,     its vaccine was 94.1%      COVID-19 vaccine this year, and     
                 Singapore, Switzerland, United  effective with no serious  466 mln next year to global COVAX   U.S. - 300 mln
                 Kingdom, United States, South   safety concerns. Dosing    programme                           
                 Korea, Japan and several        begins for trial in                                            EU - 310 mln
                 European Union countries        children aged six months   To boost manufacturing capacity to  
                                                 to less than 12 years.     make up to 3 bln doses in 2022;     UK - 17 mln
                                                                            increasing 2021 vaccine production  
                                                                            expectations to between 800 mln     Japan - 50 mln, to be distributed by Takeda
                                                                            and 1 bln shots Canada - 650,000 doses by April-end, down from expected 1.2 mln South Korea - 40 mln doses, timeline unspecified Brazil - In talks    
 Johnson &       Vaccine use resumes after a     66% effective at           Establishing a vaccine supply       More than 830 mln doses to at least six
 Johnson         pause in United States, Europe  preventing moderate to     network in which 10 manufacturing   countries
                 and other countries when        severe COVID-19 in a       sites would be involved in          
                 authorities checked for a       44,000 person global       production of the vaccine, in       U.S. - 100 mln in H1 2021 + 200 mln more under
                 possible link to rare clots     trial                      addition to its Netherlands plant   subsequent agreement
                 post vaccination Pledges to supply African Union     UK - 30 mln + option for up to 22 mln more
                                                                            (AU) with up to 400 mln doses       
                                                                            beginning in Q3                     EU - 200 mln + 200 mln additional Weekly shipments in U.S. drop in    GAVI Vaccine Alliance- 200 mln doses 
                                                                            early April after FDA identifies    
                                                                            issues at a manufacturing plant     India - Vaccine maker Biological E. looking to contract-manufacture 600 mln doses annually AstraZeneca     Vaccine use resumes after a     The vaccine was found to   Says on track to deliver 200 mln    More than 15 countries and groups for over 1
         &       pause in United States, Europe  be 79% effective in        doses a month from April            bln doses 
 Oxford          and other countries when        preventing symptomatic                                         U.S. - 300 mln 
 University      authorities checked for a       illness in a large trial   Co earlier committed to making      
                 possible link to rare clots     in Chile, Peru and United  "best reasonable efforts" to        UK - 100 mln, including 10 mln made by India's
                 post vaccination                States when given two      deliver 180 mln vaccine doses to    Serum Institute  
                                                 doses at a four-week       EU in Q2, for a total of 300 mln    
                 EU advises against second shot  interval                   from December to June, but said in  EU - At least 300 mln + 100 mln additional
                 of vaccine for anyone who has                              March it would deliver only a       Sweden donates 1 mln shots to COVAX
                 had blood clots with low blood  British study finds two    third of that by the end of June,   
                 platelets after receiving the   doses may be 85% to 90%    of which about 70 mln would be in   Mexico - Nearly 1.2 mln doses arrived from
                 first.                          effective against          Q2 - prompting a European Union     U.S. on May 21
                                                 symptomatic disease, but   lawsuit                             
                                                 cautions not enough data   Serum Institute of India to ramp    
                                                 yet to be conclusive       up monthly capacity to 100 mln      
                                                                            doses by end of July, from up to    
                                                                            70 mln                              
 Sinovac         Approved in China, Indonesia,   Vaccine found to have an   Reaches 2 billion doses annual      About 249 mln doses to at least six countries.
 Biotech Ltd     Brazil, Turkey, Thailand,       efficacy rate ranging      capacity                            Indonesia - 125 mln doses 
                 Malaysia and the Philippines    from about 50% to 90% in                                       Brazil - 100 mln doses
                                                 studies                    More than 300 mln doses of          Turkey - 50 mln doses
                                                                            vaccine, named CoronaVac, have      Chile - 60 mln doses
                                                 WHO says vaccine           been delivered globally as of       
                                                 efficacious in preventing  end-April                           
                                                 COVID-19 in adults under                                       
                                                 60, but some quality data                                      
                                                 on risk of serious                                             
                                                 adverse effects lacking Indonesian study finds                                         
                                                 vaccine was 98% effective                                      
                                                 at preventing death and                                        
                                                 96% effective at                                               
                                                 preventing hospitalisation among                                          
                                                 inoculated Indonesian                                          
                                                 medical staff Gamelya         Over two dozen countries have   91.6% effective in         50 mln doses to Turkey, to start    Supply deals with over 13 countries including
 Research        approved Russia's Sputnik V     preventing people from     arriving in May 2021                India, Brazil, Algeria, Bolivia and Argentina 
 Institute       vaccine                         developing COVID-19 South Korea's Huns Global Co Ltd    Mexico - in talks for 24 mln doses
                                                                            to lead consortium to produce 100   
                                                                            mln doses per month; last year,     Brazil - to buy 10 mln doses to be delivered
                                                                            another Korean biotech firm GLG     during Q2
                                                                            Raphael signed a deal to make 150   
                                                                            mln doses per year India's Gland Pharma to make up to  
                                                                            252 mln doses, and Hetero pharmacy  
                                                                            to produce over 100 mln doses.      
                                                                            India also started getting first    
                                                                            doses from Russia on May 1 Brazilian pharmaceutical company    
                                                                            União Quimica completed production  
                                                                            of its first batch of 100,000       
                                                                            Sputnik V vaccines                  
 CanSino         Approved in China, Pakistan,    Success rate of 68.83% at  It aims to have 500 million doses   Mexico - 10 mln-35 mln doses 
 Biologic Inc    Hungary and Mexico. Brazil      preventing all             of production capacity by end-2021  Pakistan - Private co in Pakistan to receive
                 reviewing emergency use         symptomatic disease                                            310,000 doses in the next two months
                 request Proposed supplying “tens of million of doses” of single-dose vaccine to global vaccine sharing scheme COVAX between late 2021 and end of 2022
 China National  China, Iraq, Pakistan,          Efficacy was pegged at     Co says it has annual capacity of   Hungary - 5 mln doses 
 Pharmaceutical  Morocco, Argentina and Hungary  79.34% by the company.     1 billion doses                     Indonesia - At least 2 mln
 Group Corp's    approved the shot developed by              ]                                                  Argentina - 1 mln
 (Sinopharm)     an affiliate of Sinopharm                                                                      Senegal - 200,000 doses 
 Beijing unit                                    WHO approves vaccine for                                       Morocco - 1 mln doses
                                                 emergency use                                                  Zimbabwe - 1.8 mln doses Bolivia - 500,000 doses Pakistan- 1.2 mln doses Czech Republic - In talks with China Egypt -  650,000 doses delivered, of which some 600,000 were a gift from Beijing.
 Bharat Biotech  The Indian-made vaccine has     Interim analysis based on  To ramp up production by 200        India - 10 mln doses             
                 been granted emergency use      43 cases showed 81%        million doses per year by the       
                 authorization in its domestic   efficacy in preventing     fourth quarter                      
                 market, Nepal and Zimbabwe      symptomatic COVID-19 Novavax Inc     Expands late-stage study to     96% effective in           Pushes back regulatory filings for  At least 620 mln doses to nine countries. 
 NVAX.O          include up to 3,000             preventing cases caused    the authorization of vaccine to Q3  Japan - expects distribution to begin in late
                 adolescents aged 12 to 17       by the original version    from Q2; does not expect to hit     2021 or early 2022             
                                                 of the coronavirus, and    production target of 150 mln shots  COVAX - To start shipping doses in Q3 2021;
                 Europe has begun rolling        86% effective against a    per month until Q4, later than      will manufacture and ship 350 mln shots
                 review, company has applied to  more contagious variant    previous forecast of sometime in    itself, India's Serum Institute to provide
                 Canada for review               in late-stage UK trial     Q3                                  rest of the 1.1 bln shots to COVAX Late-stage study under way in                                                                  
                 the U.S. and Mexico.            Expects to report U.S.                                         
                                                 late-stage vaccine data                                        
                                                 in Q2                                                          
 Medicago        Canadian health regulator       Mid-stage data showed      Not disclosed                       Not disclosed
                 accepted application for a      strong antibody response                                       
                 real-time review of vaccine,    against the virus                                              
                 which is in a late-stage study                                                                 
                 in combination with a booster                                                                  
                 from GlaxoSmithKline Sinopharm       Approved in China for public    Efficacy rate of 72.51%,   Co has a capacity to produce 100    Two COVID-19 vaccines from Sinopharm units
 affiliate       use on Feb. 25                  according to interim       million doses a year                have hit a combined 100 mln doses of supply
 Wuhan                                           analysis of late-stage                                         around the world
 Institute Of                                    trial data                                                     
 Biological Products' vaccine (Reporting by Manas Mishra, Vishwadha Chander, Amruta Khandekar, Dania Nadeem, Mrinalika Roy,  Trisha Roy, Muvija M, Pushkala Aripaka and Anuron Mitra in
Bengaluru; Editing by Anil D'Silva, Arun Koyyur, Shailesh Kuber and Ramakrishnan M.)