FACTBOX-UK approval gives Pfizer-BioNTech lead in vaccine race

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 (Adds UK approval of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, developments on
other candidates)
    Dec 2 (Reuters) - Britain approved the Pfizer-BioNTech
 COVID-19 vaccine for use on Wednesday with
roll-out expected early next week, becoming the first western
country to give such authorisation.
    Pfizer-BioNTech and U.S.-based Moderna Inc also
applied for emergency European Union approval for their
respective vaccines on Tuesday, while they have also sought
similar use for their shots in the United States.
    Moderna has said its COVID-19 vaccine was 94.1% effective
with no serious safety concerns, according to full results from
a late-stage study. 
    The vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech
 has showed a 95% efficacy rate.   
    Russia has said its Sputnik V vaccine showed 92%
effectiveness, while Britain's AstraZeneca announced an
average efficacy rate of 70%.
    More than 150 potential vaccines are being developed and
tested globally to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, with 48 in human
trials, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
    The following list tracks the candidates that are in the
final stages of testing.
 COMPANY                       STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT               EXPECTED DOSES
 Pfizer Inc         &          Approved for use in the UK;        (Nine countries for over 600 mln
 BioNTech SE                   applied for emergency approvals    doses)
                               in the European Union and the      
                               United States.                     U.S.- 100 mln + option for 500
                                                                  mln more UK - 40 mln; expects to have 10
                                                                  mln doses by end of 2020 EU - 300 mln, to start by end of
                                                                  2020 Canada - Minimum of 20 mln doses Japan - 120 mln
 Moderna Inc                   Full results from a late-stage     U.S.- 100 mln + option for
                               study showed the vaccine's         additional 400 mln
                               efficacy rate was consistent       
                               across age, race and ethnicity     EU- 80 mln
                               and had a 100% success rate in     
                               preventing severe COVID-19 cases.  UK - 7 mln    
                               The company has applied for        
                               emergency approvals in EU and      Japan- 50 mln or more, to be
                               U.S.                               distributed by Takeda Canada- 20 mln Johnson & Johnson             Health regulators in Europe and    U.S.- 100 mln + 200 mln more
                               Canada have started a real-time    under subsequent agreement
                               review of vaccine after            
                               preliminary results showed the     UK- 30 mln + option for up to 22
                               shot triggered the production of   mln more
                               antibodies and immune cells        
                               against the virus.                 EU- 200 mln + 200 mln additional Canada- Up to 38 mln Japan- Not Applicable
 AstraZeneca Plc         &     Vaccine could be around 90%        (15 countries and groups for over
 Oxford University             effective in preventing COVID-19   3 bln doses)
                               without any serious side effects,  
                               when it was administered as a      U.S.- 300 mln
                               half dose followed by a full dose  
                               at least one month apart.          UK- 4 mln doses this year
                                                                  (delivery schedule pushed back
                                                                  after trial results; earlier 30
                                                                  mln doses were expected with
                                                                  initial deliveries by Sept/Oct.
                                                                  2020) EU- At least 300 mln + 100 mln
                                                                  additional Italy, Germany, the Netherlands
                                                                  and France - 300 mln + 100 mln
                                                                  additional Canada- Up to 20 mln Japan- 120 mln Bangladesh - 30 mln (through
                                                                  India's Serum Institute)    
 Sinovac Biotech Ltd           Late-stage trials under way in     Vaccine approved for emergency
                               Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey;      use in China in July; supply
                               interim results on efficiency      deals with Indonesia for 40 mln
                               from Brazil trial expected in      doses before Mar 2021, and with
                               early December.                    Brazil for 46 mln doses; Turkey
                                                                  plans to sign a contract to buy
                                                                  at least 20 mln doses 
 Gamaleya Research Institute   Russia said its Sputnik V vaccine  Supply deals with over 10
                               is 92% effective at protecting     countries including India, Brazil
                               people from COVID-19. It has also  and Argentina for at least 280
                               announced plans to vaccinate over  mln doses
                               400,000 military personnel         
                               against COVID-19.                  
 CanSino Biologics Inc         Approved for use in Chinese        Mexico - 35 mln doses as early as
                               military. Late-stage trial         Dec
                               underway in Pakistan and Mexico. Sinopharm Group Co Ltd        Nearly one million people have     Expects to produce more than 1
                               taken the vaccine developed by     bln doses in 2021
                               Sinopharm through the country's    
                               emergency use programme. The       
                               company has said data from         
                               late-stage clinical trials for     
                               its vaccine are "better than       
 (Reporting by Amruta Khandekar, Dania Nadeem, Mrinalika Roy,
Vishwadha Chander, Manas Mishra and Muvija M in Bengaluru;
editing by Ankur Banerjee, Ramakrishnan M., Sriraj Kalluvila,
Maju Samuel and Aditya Soni)