FACTBOX-Vaccines donated by the United States and China

    June 9 (Reuters) - Both the United States and China have pledged large
donations of COVID-19 vaccines to countries around the world. Washington has
promised 80 million doses, three-quarters of which will be delivered via the
international vaccine initiative COVAX, in what has been seen as an effort to
counter China's widening vaccine diplomacy. It began deliveries last week.
    China had shipped vaccines to 66 countries in the form of aid, according to
state news agency Xinhua. Beijing has not disclosed an overall figure for its
donations but Reuters calculations based on publicly available data show at least
16.57 million doses have been delivered. China has also pledged to supply 10
million doses to COVAX.
    VACCINES DONATED BY U.S. (plan for the first 25 mln):
    Regional partners and priority recipients
      COUNTRY/TERRITORY             PLEDGED                  DELIVERED
  Including Canada, Mexico,                          1 mln to S.Korea in June
  South Korea, West Bank and                      
    Gaza, Ukraine, Kosovo,                        
    Haiti, Georgia, Egypt,                        
 Jordan, India, Iraq, Yemen,                      
       United Nations                             
            TOTAL                    6 mln                     1 mln
    Allocations through COVAX
    South and Central America
      COUNTRY/TERRITORY             PLEDGED                  DELIVERED
 Brazil, Argentina, Colombia,                                    
  Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador,                      
      Paraguay, Bolivia,                          
   Guatemala, El Salvador,                        
   Honduras, Panama, Haiti,                       
 Dominican Republic and other                     
     Caribbean Community                          
     (CARICOM) countries                          
            TOTAL                    6 mln                       
      COUNTRY/TERRITORY             PLEDGED                  DELIVERED
  India, Nepal, Bangladesh,                                      
     Pakistan, Sri Lanka,                         
    Afghanistan, Maldives,                        
    Malaysia, Philippines,                        
     Vietnam, Indonesia,                          
  Thailand, Laos, Papua New                       
   Guinea, Taiwan, and the                        
       Pacific Islands                            
            TOTAL                    7 mln                       
      COUNTRY/TERRITORY             PLEDGED                  DELIVERED
      To be selected in                                          
    coordination with the                         
        African Union                             
            TOTAL                    5 mln                       
    VACCINES DONATED BY CHINA (source - Reuters calculations and official data):
    Asia Pacific
      COUNTRY/TERRITORY             PLEDGED                  DELIVERED
         Afghanistan                400,000                       
          Bangladesh            Second batch of   First batch of 500,000 delivered
                                    600,000                  on May 12
            Brunei                                         52,000 in Feb
           Cambodia                                    1.7 mln as of April 28
          Kyrgyzstan                                     150,000 in March 
             Laos                                          300,000 in Feb
                                                        800,000 in late March
                                                        300,000 in late April  
           Maldives                                    200,000 in early March
           Mongolia                                   300,000 in late February
           Myanmar                                      500,000 in early May
            Nepal                                      800,000 in late March
                                                         1 mln in early June
           Pakistan                                     500,000 in early Feb
                                                             250,000 in Feb
                                                           500,000 in March 
         Philippines                                     600,000 in late Feb
                                                        400,000 in late March 
          Sri Lanka                                    600,000 at end March 
                                                         500,000 in late May
           Thailand                                        500,000 in May
                                                          500,000 in June 
         Timor-Leste                100,000            100,000 in early June
            TOTAL                                          11.052 million
      COUNTRY/TERRITORY             PLEDGED                  DELIVERED
            Angola                                     200,000 in late March
           Algeria                  200,000                200,000 in Feb
           Botswana                                       200,000 in April
           Cameroon                                       200,000 in April
            Congo                   100,000               100,000 in March
            Egypt                                         600,000 in March
           Ethiopia                                    300,000 in late March
      Equatorial Guinea                                    100,000 in Feb
            Guinea                                     200,000 in early March
          Mozambique                                    200,000 in late Feb
           Namibia                                     100,000 by early April
            Niger                                      400,000 in late March
         Sierra Leone                                   240,000 by late May
             Togo                                         200,000 in April
            Uganda                  300,000                       
           Zimbabwe                                        200,000 in Feb
                                                          200,000 in March 
                                                           100,000 in May
            TOTAL                                           3.74 million
    South America
      COUNTRY/TERRITORY             PLEDGED                  DELIVERED
           Bolivia                                      100,000 in late Feb
                                                        100,000 in late March 
          Venezuela                                    500,000 in early March
            TOTAL                                             700,000
    Europe & Middle East
      COUNTRY/TERRITORY             PLEDGED                  DELIVERED
           Belarus                                         100,000 in Feb
                                                           300,000 in May 
           Georgia                                      100,000 at end April
             Iran                                     250,000 at end February
             Iraq                                      50,000 in early March
          Montenegro                                   30,000 in early March
       North Macedonia                                     100,000 in May
            Syria                                      150,000 in late April
            TOTAL                                           1.08 million
 (Reporting by Roxanne Liu and Ryan Woo in Beijing and Cooper Inveen in Dakar; 
Additional reporting by MacDonald Dzirutwe in Harare, Asif Shahzad in Islamabad,
Gopal Sharma in Kathmandu; Editing by Edwina Gibbs)