Olympics-US soccer player Morgan confused about Games policy on children

July 1 (Reuters) - U.S. soccer player Alex Morgan leaves for the Tokyo Olympics in a week’s time but says she is still unsure whether eased restrictions for nursing mothers will allow her to bring her 1-year-old daughter with her.

Some athletes have complained that they were being forced to choose between the Games and their young children but organisers told Reuters on Wednesday “when necessary, nursing children will be able to accompany athletes to Japan”.

Organisers have barred family members of athletes from attending the Games due to COVID-19 safety protocols, while foreign spectators have been excluded and limits will be placed on domestic crowds.

"Still not sure what 'when necessary' even means. Is that determined by the mother or the IOC (International Olympic Committee)?" Morgan tweeted here.

“We are Olympic mothers telling you, it is NECESSARY.

“I have not been contacted about being able to bring my daughter with me to Japan and we leave in seven days.”

Reuters has requested comment from 2020 organisers.

Morgan’s U.S. team mate Megan Rapinoe echoed her comments.

“IOC is having a shocker here,” Rapinoe tweeted. “If a mother/father/parent says it’s necessary, it’s NECESSARY!”

Canadian basketball player Kim Gaucher previously said she was being forced to decide between “being a breastfeeding mom or an Olympic athlete” because she cannot bring her three-month-old daughter to Tokyo.

American long-distance runner Aliphine Tuliamuk had also complained about the issue, saying she “cannot imagine” going to the Games without her breastfeeding daughter.

The Tokyo Olympics, delayed last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, will begin on July 23. (Reporting by Manasi Pathak in Bengaluru; Editing by Peter Rutherford )