FACTBOX-A peek into stocks swept up in GameStop retail trading frenzy

    Jan 28 (Reuters) - Amateur stock traders made a concerted effort to buy shares of companies shunned by Wall Street, costing some fund investors
billions and inflating stock valuations until several online trading platforms imposed trading restrictions on Thursday.
    Below are some fundamental indicators of some of the stocks that surged this week.
 Country     Company               Company             %age change this week*  Latest financial results      12-month forward P/E ratio  No. of employees
 U.S.        GameStop              Video game          441%                    $470.9 mln loss for year      Not Available               14,000, as of Feb.
                                   retailer                                    ended February 2020; $493                                 2020
                                                                               mln negative cash flow                                    
 U.S.        American Airlines     Airline operator    14.10%                  $1.7 billion in 2019 profit;  -2.88                       133,000, as of
                                                                               $453 mln in negative free                                 Dec. 2019
                                                                               cash flow                                                 
 Canadian    BlackBerry            Software services   56%                     $152 mln loss for year ended  163.19                      3,647, as of Feb.
                                   provider                                    February 2020 and $18 mln                                 2020
                                                                               negative cash flow                                        
 U.S.        AMC Entertainment     Movie theater       467%                    $150 mln loss for 2019        Not Available               3,952, as of Dec.
                                   operator                                                                                              2019
 Finland     Nokia                 Telecoms equipment  22%                     Net income of 7 mln euros     25.96                       98,322, as of Dec.
                                   maker                                       for 2019; 300 mln euros of                                2018
                                                                               negative free cash flow                                   
 U.S.        Bed Bath & Beyond     Home furnishing     75%                     Net loss of $614 mln in       47.8                        55,000, as of Feb.
                                   retailer                                    2020; $318 mln free cash                                  2020
 UK          Pearson               Publisher           14%                     264 mln pounds in profit for  22.5                        22,734, as of Dec.
                                                                               2019; 176 mln pounds free                                 2019
                                                                               cash flow                                                 
 UK          Cineworld Group Ltd   Theater Services    15%                     Net income of $180.3 mln      -4.44                       34,018, as of Dec.
                                                                               for year ended Dec. 2019                                  2019
 Denmark     Ambu                  Medical device      20%                     241 mln krone ($39.21 mln)    174.74                      4,200, as of Dec.
                                   maker                                       for fiscal 2020; 135 mln                                  2020
                                                                               krone in negative cash flow                               
 Austria     Unibail-Rodamco       Commercial          20%                     Net income of 1.71 mln euros  8.76                        3,625, as of Dec.
                                   property firm                               in 2019; free cash flow 1.9                               2019
                                                                               mln euros                                                 
 Germany     Evotec                Drugmaker           18%                     38.07 mln euros in 2019       129.34                      3,444, as of Sept
                                                                               profit; free cash flow 10.3                               2020
                                                                               mln euros                                                 
 Australia   Tassal Group          Seafood supplier    4%                      A$69.1 mln profit for year    13.07                       Over 1,200, as per
                                                                               ended June 2020; negative                                 company website
                                                                               cash flow of A$88.86 mln                                  
 Australia   Inghams Group Ltd     Poultry producer    4%                      A$40.1 mln profit for year    15.21                       Not Available
                                                                               ended June 2020; A$257.8 mln free cash flow                                            
* - All percentage changes for U.S. companies are as of market close on Wednesday, and for UK and Australian companies are as of close on Thursday
(1 krone = $0.16)
Source: Company filings, Refinitiv data

 (Reporting by Medha Singh and Shashank Nayar in Bengaluru; Editing by Sriraj Kalluvila)