TAKE A LOOK-From Reddit rally to trade curbs: The retail trading frenzy

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    Jan 29 (Reuters) - The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission waded into
the battle between small investors and Wall Street hedge funds, warning
brokerages and the pack of social-media traders that it was watching for
potential wrongdoing. Coverage highlights below:
> GameStop's rally cools as U.S. regulators eye wild trading                  
> White House says it will defer to SEC on retail stock surge                 
> Short-seller Citron changes course, adjusts to new reality                  
> GameStop third biggest short - S3 Partners                                  
> UK trading app Freetrade disables orders to buy U.S. stocks                 
> Stock market wars: U.S. lawmaker Ocasio-Cortez breaks it down                
> Robinhood gets $1 bln of fresh funding from existing investors              
> Famed GameStop bull 'Roaring Kitty' is a financial advisor                  
> Texas atty general probes trade curbs from Robinhood                        
> GameStop may be up 350%, but investors love the 50-cent options             
> Rush to stocks continues amid retail frenzy, BofA data show                 
> Wall St Week Ahead-Sideshow or main event?                                  
> COLUMN-Micro-bubbles just reinforce cheap money                             
> Robinhood is new eye of GameStop storm as outrage grows                     
> Facebook shuts popular stock trading group amid GameStop frenzy             
> Small investors behind surge in shares hit by restrictions                  
> EXCLUSIVE-AMC explores capital raise amid stock surge-sources               
> Robinhood CEO says limited trade to protect firm and customers              
> Online investor army takes wallop with trading barriers                     
> U.S. Congress to hold hearings on GameStop trading                          
> U.S. lawmakers AOC and Ted Cruz agree on Robinhood probe                    
> Reddit raiders swarm silver stocks as GameStop retreats                     
> GameStop surge leaves U.S.-based mutual funds and ETFs behind               
> GameStop slugfest spreads to Asia                                           
> Losses top $70 bln on short positions in U.S. firms-Ortex data              
> GameStop dented after Reddit group briefly shuts doors                      
> GameStop fever sweeps Europe's most shorted stocks                          
> Malaysian retail investors look to prop up medical glove shares             
> India's small investors rush to join GameStop frenzy                        

> GameStop's 'Reddit rally' puts scrutiny on social media forums              
> Asia's 'ant' and 'moth' investors test broker nerves                        
> From broker notes to memes: how the stock market went viral                 
> How Wall Street gains from 'populist' trading movement                       
> Short sellers face derision, death threats                                  
> Day traders turn social media platforms into squawk boxes                   
> Robinhood in eye of GameStop storm                                          
> "GameStop effect" could ripple further                                      
> GameStop effect puts global bets worth billions at risk                     
> Costly short squeeze makes Reddit required reading                          
> Power to the players: Wall Street levels up in Reddit rally                 
> Retail trading frenzy sparks jitters for GameStop short-seller              
> 'This is not normal' - Wall Street grows wary of stock bubbles              
> Bearish GameStop options contracts fly off the shelf                        
> Robinhood free lunch was never really free                                  
> Breakdown: GameStop, a financial markets whodunnit                          
> Short squeezers could end up strangling themselves                          
> GameStop turns short-bashing debate on its head                             
> The U.S. retail trading frenzy in numbers                                   
> Stonks to the moon: Deciphering Reddit's WallStreetBets lingo               
> A peek into stocks swept up in GameStop retail trading frenzy               
> Stocks shunned by Wall Street surge as 'GameStop Effect' swells             
> How retail traders squeezed Wall Street for shorting GameStop               
> GameStop retreats as Reddit rally runs into trading curbs                   
> No let up in short squeeze, retail frenzy forces funds to cover             
> GameStop's 1,600% surge in retail investor vs hedge fund battle             

 (Compiled by Aditya Soni, Sriraj Kalluvila and Bernard Orr)