IN CASE YOU MISSED IT–Schedule of Reuters features from this week

July 16 (Reuters) - Every week, Reuters journalists produce scores of multimedia features and human-interest stories from around the world.

Below are some engaging stories selected by our editors, as well as explanatory context and background on the COVID-19 pandemic. For a full schedule of news and events, please go to our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect here.

Japanese robot to clock in at a convenience store in test of retail automation

TOKYO, July 15 - In August, a robot vaguely resembling a kangaroo will begin stacking sandwiches, drinks and ready meals on shelves at a Japanese convenience store in a test its maker, Telexistence, hopes will help trigger a wave of retail automation. (JAPAN-TECH/ROBOT (TV, PIX), by Tim Kelly, 523 words)

Hugging a tree in Israel to beat the coronavirus blues

APOLLONIA NATIONAL PARK, July 13 - Can’t embrace friends and family these days? Hug a tree instead. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/ISRAEL-TREES (TV, PIX), moved, 252 words)

In New York’s Harlem, small businesses reel from coronavirus toll on Black communities

NEW YORK, July 14 - Sylvia’s, a soul food restaurant in Harlem, saw a welcome bump in donations and new customers following calls to “buy Black” after the death of George Floyd. But the 58-year-old landmark restaurant still could not turn a profit. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/BLACK BUSINESS (PIX, TV, GRAPHIC), by Imani Moise and Anna Irrera, 868 words)

‘They needed people’ - Brazil volunteers step up to test COVID-19 vaccine

SAO PAULO, July 13 - Luiz Augusto Rizzo, 29, is no specialist in infectious diseases, but he is part of perhaps the most important scientific endeavor in the world today: the hunt for a vaccine against the novel coronavirus. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/BRAZIL-VACCINE (PIX, TV), by Eduardo Simões, 307 words)

Shock and ale: electric fence keeps drinkers back from the bar in English pub

ST JUST, England, July 14 - Man walks into a bar, and into an electric fence. It’s not a joke, but rather the novel measure taken by one Cornish pub to enforce distance rules to stop the spread of COVID-19. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/BRITAIN-PUB (PIX, TV), by Tom Nicholson, 238 words)

Free pizza and a 75-foot statue of Musk: the battle for the next Tesla plant

July 13 - Tulsa is an oil-industry town in Oklahoma with a 75-foot (23 m) statue called “The Golden Driller.” Austin is a progressive city in Texas with a thriving software industry. They are both on the short list to land a $1.1 billion vehicle assembly plant for Tesla Inc - and up to 20,000 new jobs. (TESLA-PLANT/ (PIX), by Tina Bellon and Andrea Shalal, 858 words)

Humanoid clerk helps to cut red tape in Russia

MOSCOW, July 14 - A human-like robot designed to look and act like a female clerk has started providing services to the public at a government office in Siberia. (RUSSIA-TECHNOLOGY/ROBOT (TV, PIX), moved, 196 words)

As city encroaches on Nairobi park, wild animals’ freedom to roam is under threat

NAIROBI, July 15 - A plan to fence land along the southern border of the Nairobi National Park, Africa’s only game reserve within a capital city, seeks to reduce conflict between people and wild animals. But it has many conservationists up in arms. (KENYA-CONSERVATION/ (PIX, TV), by Katharine Houreld, 427 words)


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