IN CASE YOU MISSED IT–Schedule of Reuters features from this week

Jan 7 (Reuters) - Every week, Reuters journalists produce scores of multimedia features and human-interest stories from around the world.

Below are some stories selected by our editors, as well as explanatory context and background to help you understand world headlines. For a full schedule of news and events, please go to our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect here.

“Why limit myself?” Polish climber aims to defy critics with K2 bid

WARSAW, Jan 5 - Scaling the world’s second-highest peak, K2, in winter is one of the last great feats in mountaineering -- and despite what some see as a lack of experience, 28-year-old Pole Magdalena Gorzkowska wants to be the first to do it. (POLAND-K2/ (TV, PIX), by Alan Charlish and Pawel Florkiewicz, 375 words)

UC San Diego offers students COVID test kits by vending machine

SAN DIEGO, Jan 6 - The University of California’s San Diego campus has launched the winter academic term with a unique twist to its coronavirus safety regimen: newly installed vending machines stocked with do-it-yourself COVID-19 tests for students. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/VENDING MACHINE TESTS (PIX, TV), by Mike Blake and Steve Gorman, 427 words)

As end to pandemic mask-wearing nears, South Koreans scramble to arrange cosmetic surgery

SEOUL, Jan 4 - When Ryu Han-na, a 20-year-old university student, got cosmetic surgery on her nose in mid-December, she had a simple reason: it might be the last chance to do so covertly before people start taking off masks this year as vaccines are distributed. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/SOUTHKOREA-COSMETICSURGERY (PIX, TV), by Joori Roh, 507 words)

More garbage than water: Serbia promises clean-up of hydro reservoir

POTPECKO LAKE, Serbia, Jan 6 - Almost as far as the eye can see, trash spreads out over Serbia’s Potpecko Lake, lapping against the dam that crosses it. (ENVIRONMENT-SERBIA/DAM (PIX, TV), moved, 229 words)

Bolivia’s Tuni glacier is disappearing, and so is the water it supplies

LA PAZ, Jan 4 - Bolivia’s Tuni glacier is disappearing faster than initially anticipated, according to scientists in the Andean nation, a predicament that will likely make worse water shortages already plaguing the capital La Paz, just 60 km away. (BOLIVIA-ENVIRONMENT/GLACIER (TV, PIX), by Monica Machicao, 315 words)

Scaling roofs and mountains, Philippine students battle to take online classes

MANILA, Jan 6 - Since the pandemic forced him into remote learning, 10-year-old Jhay Ar Calma has often had to climb on to the corrugated iron roof of his home in a poor neighbourhood of Manila to get an internet signal. (PHILIPPINES-EDUCATION/ (PIX), by Eloisa Lopez, 587 words)

In Mexico, shuttered shelters hit migrants as pandemic rages

SALTILLO, Mexico, Jan 4 - Dozens of migrant refuges in Mexico have closed their doors or scaled back operations in recent weeks to curb the ravages of coronavirus, exposing people to greater peril just as migration from Central America to the United States is on the rise again. (USA-IMMIGRATION/MEXICO-CORONAVIRUS (PIX, TV), by Laura Gottesdiener and Lizbeth Diaz, 797 words)

U.S. regulators ignored workers’ COVID-19 safety complaints amid deadly outbreaks

Jan 6 - Miguel Cabezola, a driver for United Parcel Service Inc in Tucson, Arizona, complained on March 27 to U.S. workplace safety regulators, alleging the company was taking a lax approach to social distancing, sanitizing equipment and quarantining workers with COVID-19 symptoms. He hoped for an inspection of the facility that would force changes to protect worker safety. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/WORKPLACE-SAFETY (SPECIAL REPORT, PIX), by Chris Kirkham and Benjamin Lesser, 3105 words)

On thin ice? Poles get creative to skate round coronavirus rules

WARSAW, Jan 4 - A skating rink owner in the Polish city of Szczecin believes he has found a way to keep his business open despite coronavirus restrictions - operate as a flower shop instead. (HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/POLAND-SKATING RING (PIX, TV), moved, 306 words)



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