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Russia detains more than 5,000 at protests backing jailed Kremlin critic Navalny

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Riot police broke up protests across Russia on Sunday in support of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, detaining more than 5,000 people who had braved the bitter cold and the threat of prosecution to demand he be set free.


Foreign troops to stay in Afghanistan beyond May deadline

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - International troops plan to stay in Afghanistan beyond the May deadline envisaged by the insurgent Taliban’s deal with the United States, four senior NATO officials said, a move that could escalate tensions with the Taliban demanding full withdrawal.



Republicans press Biden to downsize $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief plan WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Ten moderate Republican U.S. senators urged Democratic President Joe Biden on Sunday to significantly downsize his $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package to win bipartisan support as Democrats in Congress prepared to push ahead with his plan this week.


U.S. Republicans grapple with internal divisions as Trump trial looms

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. congressional Republicans face a week of reckoning ahead of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial as the former president contends with a Tuesday deadline to respond to the charges and his party mulls whether to depose Liz Cheney as one of its House of Representatives leaders for backing impeachment.



Analysis: To the brink and back on GameStop - Wall Street vs Reddit NEW YORK (Reuters) - On three hours of sleep a night and with no time to eat, one New York-based hedge fund manager overseeing billions in assets called last week the most stressful of his life.


Exxon, Chevron CEOs discussed merger in early 2020 - sources

(Reuters) - The chief executives of ExxonMobil Corp and Chevron Corp held preliminary talks in early 2020 to explore combining the two largest U.S. oil producers in what would have been the biggest merger of all time, according to people familiar with the matter.



Denzel Washington’s ‘The Little Things’ Leads Box Office Despite HBO Max Debut

LOS ANGELES ( - Would audiences pay to see a new movie on the big screen if they could watch the same title at home from the comfort of their couch? Prior to the pandemic, the response from theater operators and cinema purists would have been a resounding “no.”


California’s Coachella music festival canceled for third time

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The Coachella music festival due to be held in southern California in April 2021 was canceled on Friday by local health officials because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.



Rams trade Goff and draft picks for Stafford - reports

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The Los Angeles Rams have traded quarterback Jared Goff and draft picks to the Detroit Lions for quarterback Matthew Stafford in a blockbuster deal, multiple news outlets reported on Sunday.


Bring on the Melbourne crowds, says Djokovic

MELBOURNE (Reuters) - World number one Novak Djokovic found playing without crowds last season strange and he can’t wait to wow the fans in the stands at his 17th Australian Open.




WHO chief Tedros and other officials due to give press conference

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organization (WHO), to give press conference on the latest developments in the COVID-19 pandemic, which also follows the first week of the WHO’s Executive Board being held through Jan 26.

1 Feb


Britain’s centenarian fundraiser Captain Tom in hospital with COVID-19

Britain’s centenarian fundraiser Captain Tom in hospital with COVID-19

1 Feb


“Loved ones, not numbers”: Inside a British funeral directors as COVID deaths surge

UK funeral homes struggle under mounting COVID deaths. Reuters follows one funeral home as it struggles to keep up with the growing number of people dying from COVID

1 Feb


Ireland’s publicans-come-undertakers face pandemic pressures

Jasper Murphy of McCarthy’s Pub, one of about 80 publicans around Ireland who still perform the dual role of local funeral director, spent his afternoon cooking Sunday lunches for collection from his COVID-19 shuttered bar before ditching his chef whites to prepare a coffin for a funeral he was notified of early that morning.

1 Feb 10:00 ET / 10:00 GMT


South Africa’s first COVID-19 vaccines to arrive in country

South Africa expects the flight carrying its first 1 million coronavirus vaccine doses to arrive on Monday, boosting efforts to curb a second wave of COVID-19 driven by a more contagious variant.

1 Feb 13:00 ET / 13:00 GMT



Venezuela women youth soccer players dream of Copa Libertadores

Venezuela’s under 17 women’s soccer squad dreams of reaching the Copa Libertadores, a challenge for a nation where soccer still lags behind baseball as the sport of choice.

1 Feb


Olympics-South Sudanese athletes training in Japan stuck in COVID-19 limbo

Two years ago, a group of South Sudanese athletes moved to the remote Japanese city of Maebashi to prepare for the Tokyo Games. Since then, the Games have been postponed and are in doubt again this year. The situation has left the group in limbo.

1 Feb 05:00 ET / 05:00 GMT



Brazil Congress elects speaker in feud between Bolsonaro allies and independents

Brazil’s lower chamber of Congress to elect a new speaker in a battle between President Bolsonaro’s allies and independents who want to focus on economic reforms rather than the right-wing president.’s conservative social agenda, an election that could boost the right-wing leader’s standing.

1 Feb


Hearing in Prince Harry’s libel claim against UK tabloid

Britain’s Prince Harry is suing Associated Newspapers over an article in Mail on Sunday paper. Hearing due to to take place at London’s High Court.

1 Feb


Gaza wasted scrap metals gains value as Israel allows export

Large piles of scrap metals built up in vast lands in Gaza and near the border with Israel have gained value in the past several weeks after Palestinian merchants began selling them again into Israel.

1 Feb


Vietnam’s ruling Communist Party holds congress closing session

Vietnam’s ruling Communist Party ends its massive five-yearly congress after eight days of meetings. General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, now one of Vietnam’s strongest and longest-serving leaders, was re-elected on Sunday.

1 Feb 01:00 ET / 01:00 GMT


Trump’s post-defeat committee to report fundraising totals

The fundraising committee Donald Trump formed after losing the November election to U.S. President Joe Biden on Sunday reports for the first time on how much money it raised and spent in the final weeks of 2020. The disclosure with the Federal Election Commission will give a gauge of the willingness of Trump’s followers to lend him financial support after a turbulent four years in office -- and with it his ability to continue to influence U.S. politics.

31 Jan 03:00 ET / 03:00 GMT


Climate activists, labor unions gird for clashes over pipelines

Activists celebrating the demise of the Keystone XL pipeline and other recent court victories are gearing up to fight expansions on several other arteries between the United States and Canada. But they have a foe in trade unions, who are mobilizing as well to make sure projects well in the works are not derailed, lest it cost them even more jobs.

1 Feb 06:00 ET / 06:00 GMT


Major North American pipelines delayed for various reasons

Several U.S. and Canadian oil and natural gas pipelines have been delayed in recent years by regulatory and legal fights with states and environmental groups that found problems with permits issued by the Trump administration.

1 Feb 06:00 ET / 06:00 GMT


Uganda’s opposition leader to challenge presidential election results in court

Uganda’s opposition leader Bobi Wine, who lost in January’s presidential election, is due to file a challenge to the results in the Supreme Court on Monday. President Yoweri Museveni was declared the winner of the vote, extending his 35-year rule as Wine alleged fraud and urged citizens to reject the result.

1 Feb 07:00 ET / 07:00 GMT


Republican Senators who voted against motion to declare impeachment process unconstitutional

Factbox on the five Republican Senators who voted against Rand Paul’s motion to declare impeachment process unconstitutional, as these are some of the people who could vote to convict.

1 Feb 11:00 ET / 11:00 GMT


Congressional Republicans largely attack impeachment of Trump

After briefly raising concerns about Donald Trump’s behavior following deadly storming of Capitol by his followers, congressional Republicans largely return to their default position of defending him, attacking process of impeachment and portraying Democrats’ concerns about deadly attack as a simple partisan smear.

1 Feb 11:00 ET / 11:00 GMT


Israel and Kosovo to hold virtual ceremony establishing relations

Israel and Kosovo are expected to hold a virtual ceremony to sign an agreement establishing diplomatic relations. The two countries agreed in September to establish ties under a deal brokered by former U.S. President Donald Trump

1 Feb 11:30 ET / 11:30 GMT


Remittance boom tightens bonds of Mexican migrants’ U.S. embrace

Alberto Burgos was one of many thousands of Mexican migrants living in the United States who dug deep and sent extra money to family back home to alleviate the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic last year. Growing and tending plants, plus helping to handle their sale at a massive nursery in Alabama, the 35-year-old dipped into savings to send some $400 a week to his village in central Mexico, or about a third more than in 2019, he told Reuters.

1 Feb 12:00 ET / 12:00 GMT



Super Bowl security officials prep for triple threat of COVID, political unrest and hometown crowds

Hundreds of law enforcement officers, posted at intelligence operation centers and surveilling the stadium grounds on horseback and in golf carts, are bracing for security threats to the Super Bowl ranging from potentially violent political demonstrations to spontaneous crowds of fans cheering on their home team in Tampa, all while trying to avert the invisible threat of COVID-19 that has altered nearly everything about this global sporting spectacle. Tampa police chief Brian Dugan and FBI Special-Agent-in-Charge Michael McPherson tell Reuters how law enforcement agencies are planning around the unprecedented convergence of the pandemic, political tension and unpredictable hometown crowds at one of the nation’s highest security events of the year.

1 Feb



Hungarian family sailing around the world on trip of a lifetime, amid global pandemic

In the middle of the pandemic seven months ago, a Hungarian couple with two kids set out on their journey of a lifetime: sailing around the world. After crossing the Atlantic Ocean, they are now anchored in the Caribbean, waiting to be able to cross the Panama canal. Their boat “Teatime” served as the perfect quarantine place, and the challenging trip has strengthened their relationship with their kids even further.

1 Feb


Pakistani “Charlie Chaplin” brings good cheer to Peshawar streets

Usman Khan, a young street performer, dressed in Charli Chaplin’s baggie pants, trademark cap and cane, treads the streets of Peshawar spreading smiles on people’s faces with his hilarious performance.

1 Feb


Japanese pop-culture iconic cafe closes business over pandemic

Once a popular tourist attraction that embodies Japan’s cute and funky pop culture with its unique decor and entertainment shows, the Kawaii Monster Café closes its doors on Jan. 31 after a five-year run as the pandemic dampens business.

1 Feb



Wrapped in red tape, UK freight groups struggle to trade

British logistics companies that pride themselves on moving goods at speed around the world to keep business rolling are now entangled in red tape, grappling with desperate clients, reluctant drivers and reams of paperwork. We talk to two experts who are struggling to keep Britain trading.

1 Feb


Kazakhstan monthly inflation

Kazakhstan to publish monthly inflation data

1 Feb


Czech government to discuss recommend coal exit date of 2038

The Czech cabinet should discuss a state commission’s recommendation to phase out the use of coal by 2038, on par with a coal exit in Germany. However, some ministers have expressed wishes for an earlier exit date.

1 Feb


Indian Finance Minister presents annual budget

Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman unveils the annual budget for the next fiscal year that begins from April 1. She faces the tough task to find resources to spend in health sector and boost the economy through high infrastructure expenditure plan without blowing the lid off the fiscal deficit.

1 Feb 05:30 ET / 05:30 GMT


Maximum employment? What it means post-pandemic may have changed already

The U.S. unemployment rate hit a record low of 3.5% a year ago, but that bit of history comes with a footnote.

1 Feb 11:00 ET / 11:00 GMT


U.S. CBO issues economic projections

The Congressional Budget Office will release An Overview of the Economic Outlook: 2021 to 2031 on Monday, February 1, at 11:00 a.m. The report will include a brief description of CBO’s latest 10-year economic projections, which are based on laws enacted and administrative actions taken through January 12.

1 Feb 11:00 ET / 11:00 GMT


ANALYSIS-How Yellen can navigate Gamestop saga after taking Wall Street speaking fees

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s speaking fees from Wall Street could make any future engagement in the GameStop Corp trading saga tricky, but there is a path forward should the matter fuel systemic risks needing her direct involvement.

1 Feb 11:00 ET / 11:00 GMT



‘They talk to me’: Greek restorer tends to Istanbul church artefacts

Greek restorer Venizelos Gavrilakis uses microscopes, cotton swabs and a delicate touch to bring artefacts back to life in churches in Istanbul, where concerns have grown about the preservation of its Byzantine history.

1 Feb 08:00 ET / 08:00 GMT



The age of the ‘megafire’

Wildfires shattered records across a number of U.S. states in 2020, with scientists and state officials placing much of the blame on global warming. In this data-driven graphics story, Reuters looks back at more than a century of California’s infernos -- noting how they’ve grown in acreage in recent decades – a trend that scientists have linked to effects from climate change.

1 Feb 12:00 ET / 12:00 GMT