Softbank executive says 40-50 winners among Vision fund companies

DUBAI, Feb 12 (Reuters) - Softank vision fund has 40-50 winners among its portfolio companies and a dozen or more could go for listings over the next 18 months, Rajeev Misra, chief executive of SoftBank Investment Advisers said on Wednesday.

“We have roughly 50 winners, of course we have losers also, and the ones that don’t perform well come out visible in the first 2-3 years because the business model didn’t work,” he told a conference in Abu Dhabi.

“A dozen or more will go public in the next 18 months, in the right time, there’s no rush, They don’t need capital.”

The Vision Fund, which is backed by Saudi Arabia has invested $74.6 billion in 88 companies as at the end of December, at which point those investments were worth $79.8 billion. (Reporting by Saeed Azhar and Davide Barbuscia. Editing by Jane Merriman)