FACTBOX-Benchmark index providers remove Chinese firms after U.S. investment ban

    Jan 22 (Reuters) - Global index providers and the New York
Stock Exchange have dropped Chinese companies named on a U.S.
Defense Department list from their products, following a
government order forbidding U.S. investors from owning them.
    Here is an overview of the actions of the NYSE and index
companies MSCI Inc, FTSE Russell and
S&P Dow Jones Indices so far:

    * An executive order from the White House here
 under Donald Trump banned Americans from investing in Chinese
companies the Defense Department  here
 have ties to the military, an assertion many of the companies
deny and which China's government has said lacks evidence.
Investors must divest their holdings in those companies by Nov.
    * There are 44 firms on the Defense Department list.
    * Twenty-four of the affected companies had affiliates
listed on major exchanges in December, according to the U.S.
State Department here.
 Since then nine more firms have been added to the
list including the likes of Xiaomi
    * The New York Stock Exchange has delisted U.S.-traded
American Depositary Receipts (ADR) of three Chinese telecom
    * A total of 16 different companies will be removed from
equity indexes. MSCI removed 13, S&P DJI 14 and FTSE Russell 15.
    * S&P DJI removed 20 companies from bond indexes. 
    * Affected indexes include global benchmarks as well as
China indexes such as the FTSE China A50 and China 50
    * Most deletions have now taken effect, although FTSE
Russell here
 will remove state oil giant CNOOC from its global
indexes and the FTSE China 50 Index on Jan. 27. The NYSE has yet
to say whether it will delist the CNOOC ADR.
    * MSCI and FTSE Russell removed only A-share, or mainland,
and H-share, or Hong Kong listings. S&P DJI also deleted some
U.S.-traded American Depositary Receipts. FTSE Russell indexes
do not include ADRs.
    * Some of the index providers are creating alternative
indexes for investors to whom the executive order does not apply
and who wish to retain exposure to the sanctioned companies.
    * Index makers have refrained from removing some 
    Here is a table listing the affected companies, their stock
tickers and the actions of the index providers:
 Company           MSCI           FTSE Russell  S&P Dow Jones
 Semiconductor     Removed        Removed Hong  Removed
 Manufacturing     mainland and   Kong listing  mainland and
 International     Hong Kong                    Hong Kong
 Corp              listings                     listings and
            ,                                   ADR           
 Hangzhou          Removed        Removed       Removed
 Hikvision         mainland       mainland      mainland
 Digital           listing        listing       listing
 Technology Co                                  
 China             Removed        Removed       Removed
 Communications    mainland and   mainland and  mainland and
 Construction      Hong Kong      Hong Kong     Hong Kong
 Company           listings       listings      listings and
            ,                                   ADR           
 China Spacesat    Removed        Removed       Removed
                   mainland       mainland      mainland
                   listing        listing       listing
 China Railway     Removed        Removed       Removed
 Construction      mainland and   mainland and  mainland and
 Corporation       Hong Kong      Hong Kong     Hong Kong
            ,      listings       listings      listings and
 CRRC Corp         Removed        Removed       Removed
            ,      mainland and   mainland and  mainland and
                   Hong Kong      Hong Kong     Hong Kong
                   listings       listings      listings
 Dawning           Removed        Removed       Removed
 Information       mainland       mainland      mainland
 Industry Co       listings       listings      listing
 China Nuclear                    Removed       Removed
 Engineering &                    mainland      mainland
 Construction                     listing       listing
 China National                   Removed       Removed
 Chemical                         mainland      mainland
 Engineering Co.                  listing       listing
 Nanjing Panda     Removed        Removed       
 Electronics Co    mainland       mainland      
 Ltd               listing        listing       
 China United      Removed        Removed       
 Network           mainland       mainland      
 Communications    listing        listing       
 China State                                    Removed Hong
 Construction                                   Kong listing
 International                                  and ADR
 Holdings Ltd                                             
 China Mobile Ltd  Removed Hong   Removed Hong  Removed Hong
                   Kong listing   Kong listing  Kong listing
                                                and ADR
 China Telecom     Removed Hong   Removed Hong  Removed Hong
 Corp Ltd          Kong listing   Kong listing  Kong listing
                                                and ADR
 China Unicom      Removed Hong   Removed Hong  Removed Hong
 Hong Kong Ltd     Kong listing   Kong listing  Kong listing
                                                and ADR
 China National    Removed Hong   Removed Hong  Removed
 Offshore Oil      Kong listing   Kong listing  mainland and
 Corp. (CNOOC)                                  Hong Kong
 <0883.HK >                                     listings and
S&P Dow Jones Indices will also delete bonds issued by the
following companies from its fixed income indexes:    
 Company                                        Issuer RIC
 China Communications Construction Co Ltd                   
 China Nuclear Engineering & Construction                  
 CRRC Corp Ltd                                              
 Semiconductor Manufacturing International               
 Corp (SMIC)                                    
 China Railway Construction Corp Ltd                        
 China National Chemical Engineering Group      
 Corp Ltd                                       
 Aviation Industry Corporation of China Ltd                 
 China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp Ltd              
 China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp               
 China Electronics Corp                                    
 China Electronics Technology Group Corp                    
 China General Nuclear Power Corp               
 China National Chemical Corp Ltd                          
 China National Nuclear Corp                               
 China Shipbuilding Industry Corp Ltd                      
 China South Industries Group Co Ltd                       
 China State Shipbuilding Corp Ltd                          
 China Three Gorges Group                       
 China Telecom Corp Ltd                                   
 China United Network Communications Co Ltd                 
 (Compiled by Marc Jones in London, Tom Westbrook in Singapore
and Samuel Shen in Shanghai; editing by Emelia Sithole-Matarise)